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Vauxhall Announces Pricing For All New Combo Van

The all new Combo offers a car like driver compartment and performance, with state of the art technology, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and class leading cargo capability offering unrivaled flexibility. Both petrol and diesel engines are best in class on fuel economy and CO2 efficiency.

Specification highlights

Edition from £16,518.33 excl. VAT: The Combo Edition features a 4 way adjustable driver seat and a passenger seat with practical under seat storage. In addition to 15 inch wheels with a centre cover and a fixed steel bulkhead, a kerbside sliding door and overhead storage allow for easy loading. A 5 inch display radio with Bluetooth and DAB, one touch windows and electric and heated exterior mirrors complete the package.

Sportive from £18,593.33 excl. VAT: In addition to the benefits of Edition, the Combo Sportive features a 6 way driver seat with lumbar support, armrest and storage, as well as a 4 way passenger seat. Larger 16 inch wheels with a full cover and air conditioning create a premium feel. Metallic paint and front and rear body colour bumpers allows drivers to customise the appearance of their van. The Combo Sportive is fitted with Rear Parking Sensors, Cruise Control (with speed limiter) and an alarm to improve security.

LE NAV from £19,793.33 excl. VAT: Building on the features of Sportive, the Combo LE NAV is available with body colour exterior mirrors, exterior door handles, side protection mouldings and front bumper with skid plate. Also included are 16 inch alloy wheels and an 8 inch touchscreen with NAVI.

Crewvan from £19,493.33 excl. VAT: The Combo Crewvan is fitted with a fold flat passenger seat, as well as an innovative two position caged bulkhead that moved forward when the second row seats are folded down. A protective bag is included to prevent damage to the interior and dashboard that may be caused by longer loads.

Engine highlights

The Combo's personality is clear as soon as you see the exterior. A robust appearance countered by sculpted details enhances precision and solidity. The underfloor architecture is a true innovation, combining a passenger car modular front chassis (EMP2 or Efficient Modular Platform 2) to an upgraded commercial vehicle rear chassis.

The intelligent use of high strength steel and lightweight aluminium has ensured that cargo capability has not been compromised, but in fact improved. As well as shortened front and rear overhands, the EMP2 front end provides a passenger car like driving experience.

Advanced driver assistance systems provide additional support for the driver. The lighting design at the rear is linear and vertical. This optimises the size of the boot lid and eases cargo loading. The Combo also features wide spanned doors with integrated hidden hinges that are designed to provide greater security against theft.

The interior is even more impressive and provides the driver with everything that they need. The layout is ergonomically designed, with all controls instinctively located and easily accessible. The seating position is more upright and gives the driver a commanding view, while the compact, flat bottomed steering wheel allows for easier access to the cabin.

The cargo area is uncompromised and offers segment leading capability. Standard configuration includes wide spanned rear swing doors and a kerbside (LHS) sliding door. This allows easy access to a practical cargo space. The all new Cargo is compact and well proportioned, and proves that a functional van offering a competitive payload does not have to be a box on wheels.

Range highlights

The Combo comes in three trims: Edition, Sportive and Limited Edition NAV (LE NAV). A diverse range of powertrains across petrol, diesel, manual and automatic is available, as well as two wheelbase lengths (L1H1 and L2H1).

Smart driver assistance and safety features in the Combo include Lane Keep Assist, forward Collision Alert with Pedestrian Detection, Drowsiness Indicator, Traffic Sign Recognition and Automotive Emergency Braking.

The Combo also features numerous technology innovations unique in its segment, such as Surround Rear Vision, providing a digital rear view mirror, and Flank Guard, helping to prevent side damage from low level obstructions. Overload Indicator ensures that the driver does not exceed the vehicle's load capacity, while Intelligrip provides grip assistance in adverse driving conditions.

FlexCargo is a clever package that features a bench seat easily adaptable to a variety of usages. The passenger seat folds down for extended length cargo, or folds up to enable safe cargo storage within the cabin. The system features an electric, rather than floor mounted, park brake, ensuring a wider and more comfortable middle third seat. This middle seat can fold down to reveal an office table.

Fuel economy has been improved by at least 16%, and is 8% better than the closest relevant competitor. CO2 is also segment leading with at least a 17% improvement over the outgoing model.

Combo 75PS and 100PS diesels have been tested against the Euro 6C emissions cycle, which uses the new WLTP test cycle, and is therefore more relevant to real world conditions. The 130PS diesel and both petrol variants are already compliant to Euro 6D TEMP, which is not required for commercial vehicles until September 2019.

On the entry level volume engine, torque has been improved to 210Nm. Towing has also been improved with up to 1,500kg available. In addition, the factory fitted towbar option comes standard with Trailer Stability Control (TSC), TSC uses ESP to dampen the vibrations of the trailer as necessary. If severe vibrations are detected, indicating unsafe and unstable driving conditions, then the system will slow the vehicle to an appropriate speed.

Payload is segment leading, as it cargo length, thanks to FlexCargo. Width between wheel arches means that, even with an L1H1 wheelbase length, there is enough space for two Euro pallets to be loaded.

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