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Life Hax: The New Multi-Tool For Do It All Parents

To mark the launch of the Grandland X, the new SUV that was designed with modern parents in mind, Vauxhall Motors has created the Life Hax, bringing the traditional pen knife into 2018. Today's do it all parents switch between several roles, from chef and entertainer to handyman, tech expert and story teller.

The hand held Life Hax tool helps these multi tasking parents so they can concentrate of enjoying adventures with their family. It replaces the traditional penknife blade with an iPhone pin, the scissors with a Lego un-picker, the can-opener with a power bank and the ruler with a fish-eye lens.

Each element of the tool was chosen by parents, and includes:

  1. Car maintenance laser - a world first: attack it to your Grandland X bonnet to shine a laser and highlight where the screen wash, oil cap and dipstick are.
  2. Lego un-picker - to stop you breaking your fingernails trying to unpick your children's Lego.
  3. Fish-eye lens attachment - for those all important Instagram snaps.
  4. Power bank - for when your phone runs out of battery on the move.
  5. iPhone pin - for removing the SIM from your phone.
  6. Torch - for when you can't see under the sofa or the back of the boot to find your children's lost toys.
  7. Stylus - to give that extra precision when drawing on your tablet.
  8. Knot un-picker - for when the kids get in a tangle.
  9. Screwdriver - because traditional household jobs haven't gone away.

The Grandland X is the latest SUV from Vauxhall Motors, featuring a huge 1,652 liters of boot space, concierge service OnStar, heated windscreen, seats and steering wheel, wireless phone charging and hands free power tailgate. The Life Hax tool is available to order now.

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