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Grandland X Makes The Ideal 'Cab Of Mum And Dad'

For many Mum's and Dad's, ferrying their family from one social engagement to another may be part of the job description, but for some parents, it's much more than that. Local Vauxhall retailer, FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford, has revealed research from Vauxhall found the average parent in Guildford spends 286 hours a year ferrying their kids around, totaling up to almost two months' working days.

However, FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford is championing the small moments that make life brilliant, as findings show that the majority of Guildford parents use this time to bond with their children. In fact, 49% of parents use the journeys to have a laugh with their kids and a third (31%) admit the moment spent in a car together, gives them the quality time they wouldn't get elsewhere.

What's more, many Mum's and Dad's think this is the perfect way to find out more about their kids - whilst playground gossip is the main topic to talk about, a fifth of parents (22%) use driving their children about as an opportunity to eavesdrop on them. So, with parents spending so much time in the car, the Grandland X, now available at FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford, makes the ideal 'Cab of Mum and Dad'.

As the largest SUV in the range, there is ample space for parents to enjoy spending this extra quality time with their kids, with its seating for five people and generous luggage space. Stewart Cox, Head of Business at FG Barnes Vauxhall Guildford, said 'We know what it's like when we have to ferry our kids from one thing to another, often at the expense of any potential 'me' time, however these journeys are some of the most precious moment of quality time we get to spend with our children. Sometimes it can be all the more worthwhile; it's a great opportunity to quiz them on their love life as they have nowhere to run to'.

'With the brand new Grandland X now available, this is the perfect family car for any journey; where it be simply taking your kids to school or heading off on a staycation. With it's sporty design and rugged looks, as well as a raft of safety technologies on offer, the Grandland X is a great addition to the Vauxhall family. We'd like to encourage all motorists in the area to come to the dealership and see what the SUV can do for you'.

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