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Vauxhall Astra in Guildford and Maidstone

"The Astra re-thought. It works at providing what real people really want." - Top Gear Writer Anonymous

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"The Vauxhall Astra is one of the best compact hatchbacks you can buy" - Auto Express Test Team

Auto Express Review

"Roomy for four and a practical boot...smooth engines and a good ride" - The Telegraph Contributing Editor Chris Knapman

The Telegraph Review

"The front fabric seats are positioned nice and low, and offer good comfort with adequate support. There’s also plenty of room in the back, even with a car full of six-feet tall adults, and the Isofix child-seat anchors are easily accessed." - Car Magazine Contributing Editor Ben Barry

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There’s been some stuff on our minds recently. You see, much as we love cars, we don’t pretend your whole life revolves around a Vauxhall. No, a car shouldn’t be a thing to worship. To us, a car should be a great tool for living. That’s why we only build them for one pretty good reason. You. So we create cars not simply to drive, but for something far more important. To live better. New Astra is no exception. In fact, it proves our rule. It reinvents classic Astra to make it more useful, smart and downright fun to own than ever before. Here it is – New Astra. Now in its seventh generation, it’s a bold reboot of our iconic, British-made hatchback, still proudly built in the UK. It’s now lighter in weight, roomier inside and more compact than ever, and brings together clever engineering with premium design, powered by a new range of ultra-efficient engines. On the road, New Astra is a seriously addictive drive, because it’s shaped around your life – and living it. So why not see what you make of it? We designed New Astra to show off its new edge, lightweight build and drop a few hints at all the clever technology inside too. Those flowing lines and sculpted body, along with the rising curve of its floating roof all come together to give it serious presence, whichever way you look at it. It’s all made to bring out its solid yet sporty character, for a drive as pleasing as it is awesome to look at. Sit inside and take a look around. Every interior for New Astra is made using high quality materials that go beyond what you might expect. And we’re launching New Astra with five exciting trim levels to suit all kinds of life, whether it’s family, work or play. But whichever trim you choose, you’ll find first-rate design and build matched by standard equipment that’s far from standard.

A hatchback with a twist, the Vauxhall Astra combines a graceful, athletic body with the high-power performance of a larger vehicle. With plenty of space inside and a treasure trove of innovative technology, it is a great family car, perfect for navigating the city. Headlights, cleverly integrated with the front grille and bumper, give the Astra a sporty edge, and its broad shoulder lines and wide stance hint at agile handling and superb durability. The roomy cabin features soft-touch materials and plush upholstery, whilst in-built air conditioning allows you to recline into your seat and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. A potential loadspace volume of 1,216 litres lets you store the whole family’s luggage with room to spare. Smart LED daytime running lights, sharp lines and streamlined curves – the New Astra design has plenty of bright ideas to catch the eye. The ergonomically-designed AGR* place to be indeed. approved sports-style front seats feature an adjustable front cushion, seat tilt and power lumbar adjustment. And on Elite models you can even upgrade to include front seat ventilation and a massage facility for some serious pampering while you’re on the move. We think you’ll love the bigger sense of space and all the creature comforts inside the New Astra. Seat ergonomics and plenty of adjustable settings help you find that perfect driving position (however long your journeys), and you can upgrade to AGR ergonomic sports-style front seats if you like. Inside New Astra you’ll find it quieter, calmer and larger than ever before. You’ll notice higher quality materials, sophisticated colour choices and calm ambient lighting that make New Astra a very nice place to be indeed.

Powerful, cleaner and more economical. That was at the front of our minds when we re-engineered New Astra. So the entire range is powered by a brand new series of lightweight ECOTEC petrol, diesel and turbo engines. Some of these engines feature super-efficient ecoFLEX technology, but they all deliver higher performance, greater fuel economy and lower CO2 levels. You can choose from a selection of cutting edge petrol and diesel engines to ensure that the Astra’s specifications meet your own requirements. A 1.3-litre CDTI ecoFLEX diesel engine, with manual five-speed transmission, can grant you combined fuel consumption of 68.9 MPG, and CO2 emissions of just 109g/km, reducing your running costs significantly. For extra power the 2.0-litre CDTI, with automatic six-speed transmission, can blast from 0-60mph in 8.5 seconds whilst attaining a top speed of 134mph, so whether you’d prefer power, efficiency, or a satisfying blend of the two, the Astra is sure to have an engine to suit your needs. Built in Britain and made for the twists, turns and quirks of UK roads, we’ve powered up New Astra with a brand new set of lightweight engines. New ECOTEC petrol and diesel engines are more efficient in every way. They deliver smooth, ample power in combination with New Astra’s lightweight body for an agile and responsive drive. This is especially true of the ecoFLEX engines. All turbo-charged, strong and powerful, they deliver exceptional fuel economy and emissions levels for maximum efficiency with an equally impressive dynamic driving experience. New Astra comes with plenty of premium features and bright ideas, and IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights that automatically avoid dazzling other drivers. In fact, it’s the first time this technology has featured in any car in New Astra’s class. Here’s a not-so bright idea for driving at night. Smart headlights that automatically adjust the shape of your high beam headlights to avoid dazzling other drivers. It’s called IntelliLux LED Matrix headlight technology, means you’ll never have to switch between high and low beam again. It also gives you more time to react to potential hazards, making for safer driving. IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights are made up of 16 separate LED elements. In a millisecond, each individual LED can detect and react to the presence of moving vehicles to automatically and continuously adjust the profile of the beam. This makes sure that your high beam is always glare-free, whilst wide and long enough for maximum visibility. This means that you’re always using the safest lighting in any situation. In particular, driving at night is safer for other people and more relaxed for you. And the outstanding reliability and longevity of IntelliLux LED Matrix headlights gives you maximum use whenever you need to light your way.

Should you choose to, the Vauxhall Astra can be upgraded to include a wealth of technology. As standard, however, you get a number of features including an MP3-compatible audio system and an adjustable steering column, and the car is rendered secure by safety mechanisms like ESP, a range of airbags and a remote-controlled central deadlocking system. Built for the fast-moving demands of the 21st century, the seventh generation New Astra is made for people who love to get behind the wheel, but want the benefits of smart sensing technology. New Astra’s front camera system is an advanced driver assistance system that senses hazards in advance and only gives safety warnings when you need them, while keeping you in full control at the wheel. Keeping an ever-watchful, never-tiring electronic eye on the road ahead, New Astra’s front camera system supports your own road sense to help prevent scrapes, keep track of speed limits and make life safer for you and your passengers. Standard with the Driving Assistance Pack on New Astra SRi models, the front camera system is more than a first in a car of this class – it’s one of the most sophisticated driver assistance systems ever engineered in a car. Gives you an audible and visible signal if you approach slower vehicles too fast from behind. The system will also help avoid low-speed rear-end collisions by automatically braking if it senses a potential impact. The new Reflective LED windscreen display provides an extra level of safety to give additional warning in the driver’s field of view. Warning signals protect against unintentional gradual drifting – and the steering wheel even nudges gently if you move out of your lane without signalling. The real genius? It won’t sound an alarm when you don’t need one. For example, if you need to swerve hard to avoid an obstacle. This advanced sign-detection system picks up and displays speed limits and other important traffic signs and even recognises temporary electronic signage. Space and comfort was top of our list when we designed the New Astra’s interior, starting with extra room to make yourself nice and comfy in the back, as well as a generous boot for whatever you get up to.

New Astra is all about setting new standards for comfort and technology. Why? Simply to make life on the road easier, fun and more enjoyable for you. An electrically adjustable leather front driver’s seat memorise’s your personal settings, with integral massaging and ventilation to keep you relaxed and cool. Heated front and rear seats are a cosy treat in the chilly months, and the advanced Electronic Climate Control (ECC), lets you set different temperatures for areas of the car – handy when you’re travelling with friends and family. You can also choose the AirWellness system that airs the cabin with two subtly different herbal scents – Energising Dark Wood or Balancing Green Tea. Smartphone or tablet, Android or Apple iOS – our ingenious R4.0 IntelliLink infotainment system connects with your dashboard touchscreen and audio system to access apps and give you music, phone and satnav on the go. What’s also nice is that IntelliLink is yet another top-class standard feature you’ll find across the entire New Astra range. Wherever you go, Intellilink keeps you in touch and entertained. Now there’s no excuse not to call home. Every New Astra features our R4.0 IntelliLink infotainment system with Bluetooth® and USB connectivity for all Android or Apple iOS smartphones and tablets. And digital radio comes as standard too. Once it’s connected to your device, IntelliLink lets you project your smartphone to the large colour touch- screen display – perfect for safely making calls and checking information while you drive. Many car brands talk about innovation as soon as they improve their cup holders, but this one-of-a-kind system is revolutionary: 24/7, 365 days a year, Vauxhall OnStar puts you in touch with an individual, not a machine. With Vauxhall OnStar you have access to a host of innovations, from Vehicle Diagnostics and Smartphone Function to a fully integrated Wi‑Fi Hotspot. In the event of an accident, Vauxhall OnStar even automatically calls for help. Best of all, OnStar services are free of charge on New Astra SRi and Elite models for the first 12 months! What’s more, this unique service doesn’t stop at national borders. You can access it virtually anywhere in Europe.

Available in Aegean Blue, Summit White, Lava Red, Sovereign Silver, Flip Chip Silver, Cosmic Grey, Mineral Black, Emerald Green, Dark Caramel and Darkmoon Blue.

Vauxhall Astra Interior, available at FG Barnes
Vauxhall Astra Interior, available at FG Barnes

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